Coaching is about helping people function optimally. I think of this in terms of an abilty to perform whether it is in their career, relationships or in  navigating life's journey more generally.  Drawing on the fields of positive psychology, coaching psychology and sports psychology, I will tailor your program to help you define meaningful goals and develop the agency and competence to obtain them. 

 Lifestyle Assessment

Using the most up to date biofeedback technology, the assessment provides personalised and easy to understand information on how your body manages stress and importantly, how effective it is at recovery. You will gain insight into how stress impacts your body during work, leisure time and sleep and you will learn the optimal balance between stress and recovery and practical methods to achieve this.


Gaining insight and awareness into your physiology, as well as your cognitions, helps you get more attuned to the way you operate. By focusining on the mind body connection, you can better understand and navigate your emotions, thoughts and actions and achieve the change you want and need.




At some stage in life, most people experience elevated levels of emotional discomfort - often thought of in terms of anxiety and depression. It is my belief that at this time you are simply stuck, not broken. Drawing on the psychological evidence based tools I teach clients new skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively so that they have less impact and influence. I can help you to:

 - transform your relationship with your thoughts.

 - develop flexibility of mind and acceptance of unwanted experiences.

 - develop connectivity to the present and in doing so an enhanced ability to observe yourself without judgement.

 - build committment and action towards a meaningful life.




Stress is the most major inhibitor of change, performance and success. It is not only limiting physically but also mentally and holds us back in so many ways.

Using cutting edge biofeedback technology, you will learn about how your body is experiencing stress during both awake and sleep times.  You will learn when stress is productive and when it is draining, limiting and compromising for you.


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Lifestyle Assessment

Life is a roller coaster and emotional distress across the lifespan is common. It is my belief that at this time you are simply stuck, not broken. As a psychologist, I can teach you new skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively so you can experience greater wellbeing, happiness and get the most out of this one life and make the changes you want to see in your world.



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Have you landed here seeking a way to stop those wheels spinning, find clarity and direction and move towards a place where you are functioning well, feeling great and fulfilled by a life led by meaning and purpose? 


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